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Peninsula Community Theatre

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The Nerd

The Nerd

May 3 - 19, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2:30pm

A bumbling oaf with no social sense is also a Vietnam vet, who saved a life. In a letter of thanks, he reads that he would "have somebody on Earth who will do anything for you." He drops in on that grateful man - and stays! This uproarious comedy wraps up our season with belly laughs.

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Wild West!

April 13, 11am and 2pm  - Children's Theatre of Hampton Roads

Teleport back to the Old West with SciTech Industries, to explore the rough, tough, rootin’ tootin’, cattle drivin’, yee-hawin’, and ready-to-bust-some-bucking-broncos world. We’ve taken every precaution to ensure the young audience has a safe and educational experience. Of course, the last time our scientists traveled through time there were a few- minor- glitches... but, nothing to worry about! After all, surely they've worked out all the kinks by now. How many times can time travel go wrong?
Come along, little doggies, and join your favorite scientists for another unforgettable adventure through time and space: “Wild West!”

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Wild West!

Welcome to the cast of The Nerd

May 3 - 19, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2:30pm

The Nerd

Say "Hello" to the cast of The Nerd, now in production for our May show.

Willum Cubbert…..Dustin Burton
Tansy McGinnis…..Kate Goddin
Axel Hammond…..Rob Fortner
Warnock Waldgrave…..Ben Jenkins
Clelia Waldgrave…..Louise Casini Hollis
Thor Waldgrave…..Christopher Christian
Rick Steadman…..Craig McCloud
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Scholarship Season!

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It's time for the John Raynes Memorial Scholarship once again!
Check your elegibility and apply here!

Neighboring Theatres

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Hampton Roads has a vibrant tradition of Community Theatres. Check out other nearby theatres!

Usher Volunteers

Click to View Our SignUps on

PCT depends on Volunteers! One great way to help our community is to serve as an Usher. Sign Up to usher at a show, and after the audience is seated, enjoy the show from the comfort of our usher seats in the back row! Usher spots are limited, so reserve your volunteer spot now!

New for 2019! We're including Concession duty volunteering along with Ushers. Sign up to help with concessions during intermission, and still see the show.

Spots available for Spirituals to Showtunes Cabaret and The Nerd. Click Link Above!

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Give the Gift of Theatre

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Did you know that you can get a PCT Gift Certificate for great people on your gift list? Gift Certificates spend like Cash, and do not expire!
Also available - Flex Passes- good for tickets during the remainder of our current season (Now thru May,)

Directors, Submit your Shows!

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The Play Selection Committee accepts Play Selection Forms all year round. We also have Cabaret Forms!
What play would you like to do at PCT?
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Next Season Announcement

PCT proudly announces it's 2019-2020 Season!

PCT has selected a fun, interesting, thoughtful, and hilarious set of plays and musicals for the 2019-1020 season. We look forward to producing these shows using our local talent designing, acting onstage, making the magic real behind the scenes for our community audience. More information will be posted about all these shows in the near future, and subscriptions will open in mid-May. Stay tuned!


The story-telling magic of these timeless songs propels this enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship, creating an unforgettable show. A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you'll never forget!

Taking Leave

In the middle of the night, Eliot Pryne, professor of English Literature—specialty Shakespeare—is packing what he thinks is a suitcase and leaving what he thinks is a hotel. In the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, he is "taking leave" of the real world and imagining a new one, but the transition is painful.  The visitation of Eliot's three daughters forms the central event of this oddly comic, yet fully sympathetic play. Filled with the often farcical behavior that goes along with this disease, and decorated with "good talk" from the literate professor and his daughters, this play had packed houses at the Denver Center laughing, weeping and finally standing and cheering.

The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge

A year after his miraculous transformation, Ebenezer Scrooge is back to his old ways and is suing Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future for breaking and entering, kidnapping, slander, pain and suffering, attempted murder and the intentional infliction of emotional distress, or is he? Is the one-night-a-year ghost trip working? Did Scrooge really let the spirit of Christmas into his heart? A heartwarming, yet unexpected, answer awaits!

Rock of Ages

It’s the tail end of the big, bad 1980s in Hollywood, and the party has been raging hard. Aqua Net, Lycra, lace, and liquor flow freely at one of the Sunset Strips last legendary venues, a place where sex machine Stacee Jaxx takes the stage and scantily clad groupies line up to turn their fantasies into reality. Amidst the madness, the unknown aspiring rock star Drew, and fresh-off-the-bus Sherri long to take the stage as the next big thing. But trouble finds the rock and roll fairy-tale as real estate developers arrive. Can Drew, Sherri, and the gang save the strip–and themselves–before it's too late? Only the music of hit bands Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and more hold the answer.


In this unabashedly sentimental comedy, a cat named Samantha has just started living with a guy named Shuman who she believes is her true love. At first everything seems to be going great. Samantha can't get enough of Shuman, and he can't get enough of her. But soon Samantha realizes that Shuman doesn't always seem to understand her. Join Samantha on her journey of discovery, both physical and emotional, that leads her to find what having a home and being loved really mean to her. INDOOR/OUTDOOR is an allegory about the difficulties and joys of all manner of relationships.

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