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Scenes from Quarantine

Streaming via YouTube April 30 - May 31

An online selection of original scenes written by local theatre artists to keep our audiences engaged during this trying time. Three pieces consisting of:

NIOBE ON THE BEACH” written by Dana Margulies Cauthen – A story of Quinn who packs up her baby’s things as Nana watches and prepares to take him away. Perhaps forever?

OUT THERE” written by Laura Maney – Totally realistic characters are trapped in a totally realistic mall when totally realistic zombies invade the town.

RUDDIGORE” QUARTET PARODY, written by Jeff Joyner.

Scenes from Quarantine was originally scheduled to begin January 8, but has been rescheduled, due to quarantine.

PCT LIVE YouTube Channel for Scenes from Quarantine.

We're Online!

News from PCT

Peninsula Community Theatre is bringing the theatre to your home. Since we can't yet safely assemble an audience in our auditorium, we're preparing shows that can be performed safely and streamed to you at home. We opened with Indoor/Outdoor in October, and are continuing with more shows over the coming months.

How much does it cost? It's free! But we do appreciate donations. The production costs of our shows and continuing expense of our theatre still need loyal community members to donate. There is no suggested donation, but we're counting on your continued generosity.

We're excited to bring you theatrical productions again, and we're looking forward to exploring this new media. We really miss live in-person theatre, and we'll get back to it as soon as we can safely do so.

Streaming this Season

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Donate to PCT

During these trying times

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Everyone's routine is seeing some disruption this summer. One of the routines we enjoy is the annual membership and donation drive. We're not selling subscriptions to this year's events, but we stand ready to accept donations. 
If you're in a position to donate, we hope that you do. We've opened a COVID-19 appeal for any "extra" donation you'd like to make to help PCT get through this rough time. And a PCT Operations appeal which is the "normal" donation that we process each year. 

To the many PCT members who have donated,
Thank you for keeping PCT as one of your donation priorities. Your donations are essential to PCT to maintain our theatre building, and the production of quality theatre in our community. Our theatre community truly appreciates your donations in these trying times.

Neighboring Theatres

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Hampton Roads has a vibrant tradition of Community Theatres. Check out other nearby theatres!

Directors, Submit your Shows!

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The Play Selection Committee accepts Play Selection Forms all year round. We also have Cabaret Forms!
What play would you like to do at PCT?
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