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Behind these doors lie the portal to a thousand worlds

and the promise of a million souls.

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Alice In Wonderland

Presented by Bright Star Children's TheatrectAlice


October 22, 2016


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11 am and 2 pm

Holiday Songs Around the World

ctHolidaySongsPresented by Bright Star Children's Theatre


December 10, 2016


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11 am and 2 pm


Travel the globe and explore some of the world's many winter holidays in this musical revue. Songs and stories come together for a truly magical wintertime show. We will travel from Africa to Mexico and everywhere in between. You will hear a range of songs from "I Have A Little Dreidel" and "Auld Lang Syne" to " Away in a Manger","Sankta Lucia" and so much more. This show is packed with music from many of the celebrations that happen this time of year around the globe.

Holiday Songs Around the World is best appreciated by audiences in grades Pre-Kindergarten and higher.

The Ugly Duckling

Presented by Barter PlayersctUglyDuckling


January 28, 2017


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11 am and 2 pm


It’s hard being different. When a strange egg shows up in Mama Duck’s nest and hatches, a very ugly duckling is born. After many failed attempts to “fit in,” the ugly duckling sets out on a journey to find his true place in the world. He soon realizes that he must learn to love himself before he can discover who he really is.

Davy Crockett's Tremendously Tall Tales

Logo DAVEY CROCKETTPresented by The Children's Theatre of Hampton Roads


March 25, 2017


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11 am and 2 pm


“King of the Wild Frontier” is a name befitting a Tennessee hero with a coonskin cap… but what if there are not one, not two, but three such heroes competing for the title? There’s only one way to tell the real from the imposter: A Tall Tale Telling Tournament!

Join Davy Crockett, Davy Crockett, and Davy Crockett on a trip through the folklore and tall tales of the American frontier. Enjoy familiar characters such as Paul Bunyan, Babe the Blue Ox and Johnny Appleseed, and also some not so familiar characters… like hoop-snakes and hide-behinds! Interactive and hilarious,“Tall Tales” is a wonderful adventure for every age.

Written by Scott Quirk.

Robin Hood

Presented by Children's Theatre of Hampton Roadslogo ROBIN HOOD


April 29, 2017


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11 am and 2 pm


A delightful romp with Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Robin and his Merry Men (that's you!) will have to defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham and save the day!