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Rumors is Cast!

We are proud to announce our fine ensemble cast.

Rumors opens April 28th! Get your tickets Now.

Rumors Cast
Chris….. Lauren Vollette
Ken….. Danon Middleton
Claire…..Carla Mutone
Lenny…..Paul Lawrence
Cookie…..Katy Feldl
Ernie…..Rob Fortner
Cassie…..Siarra Bouches
Glen…..Lawrence Nichols
Officer Pudney…..Amanda Ridolfi
Officer Welch…..Stephen Oliveira
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In Memoriam

Pat Stern Tracy, a bright star in our theatre, and a President Emeritus

PCT mourns the loss of Patricia Stern Tracy, even as we celebrate her many critical contributions to our community. From her obituary – “Her love, and passion for the theatre was evident when she became a member of the Peninsula Community Theatre from 1966 to the present, served as President of PCT from 1987-2000, a board member, and chair of many committees from 1966-2003. When PCT lost their theatre in NN, Pat used her chutzpa, and determination, and was responsible for finding the beautiful, historic theatre in Hilton Village, where she directed, choreographed, acted, danced, and shared her incredible talents, and love for the stage.”
Her family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to PCT. An appeal has been set up for this purpose. Click here, and select “Pat Stern-Tracy” under Choose a donation fund.

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Change of Program

Nunsense A Men relpacing La Cage Aux Folles in our season lineup

Due to production issues with La Cage Aux Folles which prevent us from presenting a quality show, we must offer a different musical selection in its spot.
La Cage Aux Folles will be replaced with Nunsense A-Men!. Many of you are familiar with the original Nunsense, which has been regenderized and regenerated as Nunsense A Men! – with males inhabiting the nuns' habits! We are confident you will enjoy this funny and fun-filled offering.NunsenseA-Men
If you have La Cage tickets, you do not need to do anything. Your current tickets, performance date and seat assignments will remain unchanged. If you already have tickets printed for La Cage Aux Folles, they will be honored on the same performance date of the replacement musical, Nunsense A Men!. There is no need to exchange them. We look forward to seeing you at Nunsense A Men!.

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PCTLIVE in Transition

New website being built

After years of using our Joomla-based website, PCTLIVE is moving to a new responsive look. 
Plans for this new website include a more robust coverage of our past shows, and better coverage of our activities beyond our production content.
The site is being crafted using a tool for responsive site design to allow optimization of the layout for wide-screen devices as well as smaller mobile device screens.
This transition is expected to continue over several months. Critical information, such as current productions and information is already on the site, and background information about our company is in the works. The build-out of historical shows will take more time. 
If you have specific questions or urgent content needed, please write

Peninsula Community Theatre