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Audtioning at Peninsula Community Theatre

Generally, Auditions are held for each show during the run of the previous show. They are held on stage at our Theatre at 10251 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia, usually on Sunday and Monday evening. You only need attend one of the two audition dates. Different shows will have different call-back requirements, usually completed in the week following the audition.
Audition forms will be available at the theatre, but you can print and fill-in the form ahead of time as well.

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March 5th and 6th, 2017 7 - 9 p.m.

Auditons - Rumors
By Neil Simon
Director - Mike Diana

March 5th & 6th 7-9pm at PCT

Friends are gathering for a celebration. It's the Deputy Mayor of New York and his wife's happy 10th anniversary and as guests arrive the host lies upstairs bleeding from a gunshot wound and his wife is nowhere to be found. His Lawyer Ken and wife Chris must get the story straight before the other guests arrive. Confusion and miscommunication mount, and, as the evening progresses, the situation spins wildly out of control and into farcical hysteria.

Audition Format: Selections read from the script.

Cast Required: Men - 5
Age Ranges 30's-50's

Women - 5
Age Ranges 30's-40's (Officer Pudney 20's)

Rehearsal Schedule: Sunday-Thursday 7-9 (9:30)
(Production Week: Sunday Tech with costume parade. Afternoon run with a dinner break. 6:30pm call for full dress with curtain at 8pm. Remainder of week same schedule until opening.

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