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You: I am not throwing away my shot.

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Indoor / Outdoor

Sunday, March 8, 7 - 9 pm
Monday, March 9, 7 - 9 pm


Shuman (M), a bachelor who might be (believable) anywhere from late 20s to 40a.
Matilda (F), the vet receptionist who also plays Mama and a couple other roles, anywhere from 20s to 40-ish
Samantha (F), the cat who is adopted by Sherman (lead). This person should be teens - 30ish (believably young)
Oscar (M), Samantha's alley cat love interest who plays many other roles. Can be any age, but must be reasonably agile.

Ages are fluid because much rests on how the eventual cast plays off one another. The audience must believe that Sherman and Matilda could produce a child. Both Samantha and Oscar must be agile.

This show will be cast race-blind and each role is a potential tour-de-force!

The Show

In this unabashedly sentimental comedy, a cat named Samantha has just started living with a guy named Shuman who she believes is her true love. At first everything seems to be going great. Things become truly problematic when one night Oscar, a sexy alley cat, shows up at the door. Suddenly Samantha begins to wonder whether she's an indoor or an outdoor cat.


Audition Dates: Sunday March 8 and Monday March 9, 7 - 9 pm

Show Dates Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, May 1 - 17, 2020

Questions? Contact the Director, Linda Smith

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General Info

Audtioning at Peninsula Community Theatre

Generally, Auditions are held for each show during the run of the previous show. They are held on stage at our Theatre at 10251 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia, usually on Sunday and Monday evening. You only need attend one of the two audition dates. Different shows will have different call-back requirements, usually completed in the week following the audition.
Audition forms will be available at the theatre, but you can print and fill-in the form ahead of time as well.

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