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Behind the Scenes

New website being built

The miraculous sharing of information using the World Wide Web has become old-fashioned in some regards, but consider all the people and organizations that work together to make a simple website work. From Graphics tools to get the images right, to web editing tools, to web servers, there are very many people around the world who've worked to allow each web site to share information with anyone in the world. 
Here's some of the systems and software that make PCTLIVE possible.

Coffee Cup Responsive Site Designer

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RSD provides an editing environment to control the appearance of the site. The responsive design allows the elements of the web site to arrange themselves as the width of the browser changes. Go ahead, try narrowing the browser window.
This professional editor forms the backbone for the CSS and HTML code of PCTLIVE.

Arts People

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Arts People is our Ticketing, Contact Management, and Marketing partner. All of our ticketing and sales pages are actually served by Arts People. PCT controls our content on Arts People's site through adminsirative access pages.
All of our sales, whether in the box office or online go through Arts People, to provide a coordinated view of our customer history, available seats, subscriptions, etc.

Arvixe Web Hosting

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PCT needs high availability, low cost web hosting. Arvixe provides cPanel and SSH access to the whole home directory, allowing the webmaster direct control of the site, and associated hosted services. 


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We try to use as much original content on PCTLIVE as we can, but sometimes stock images help so much. Images licensed under Creative Commons CC0 are free for use by our site. Pixabay hosts a sharing community for these images.
Favorite images from:

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

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Among the various professional grade picture editors, GIMP is my go-to for general work. I can run it on any computer, which comes in handy for urgent jobs.

FRESHweb by HTMLbase

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Created for updating critical parts of websites from a web form, FRESHweb allows alerts, schedules etc to be updated without needing to re-publish the site.
It also will automatically hide content like "buy tickets" links after a show ends. 

Tiny Web Gallery

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After reviewing a dozen Picture Gallery web apps, I landed on Tiny Web Gallery to manage our photos.


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It took a lot of functionality in an easy to use package to get me to switch from my favorite Linux text editor to Notepad++. It's been very easy to use on Windows.

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Updated July 21, 2020