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Join our Theatre

Membership is defined in our bylaws as our season subscribers. We offer season subscriptions from May thru the opening of our first show in August, and 4 show subscriptions after the first show opens until the second show opens in October. 
Members may vote at the annual meeting held in June.

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Be a part of our Theatre

Peninsula Community Theatre works because people from our community volunteer to make it work. You can audition to be part of a cast. Submit ideas for Play Selection Committee to direct a show. Contact a director to volunteer as part of a production team. Sign up for usher duty. Help out on box office, costuming, lights, set construction, etc. Our volunteers enjoy bringing quality shows to the community and are our theatre family.

Board of Directors

Steering our Theatre

Our bylaws define the offices and duties of the Board of Directors. Nominees are selected by our nominating committee and voted on during the annual meeting. The Board meets throughout the year and Board Members take on duties such as Production Manager. Many of our committee chairs are board members.

Name Position Responsible for:
John Wilt President Lights & Sound / Concessions / Building & Property
Ellen Eames VP Production
Jeff Corriveau VP Business Grants / Play Selection
Sheri Beyrau Treasurer
Linda Marley Smith Secretary Playbill
LeRoyce Bratsveen
Sandra L. Brockman Properties
Dana Margulies Cauthen
Mike Diana Advertising
Katy Feldl
Betsy Forrest Past President Children's Theatre / Membership
David Murray Communications / Ushers
Lynn Murray Box Office
Pam Reville Costumes
Charity Robinson
Marvin Sylvest Bylaws
Jenn Thomas Cabaret
Sarah Wilde Scholarship

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