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The Laramie Project

October 5-21, 2018

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Irma Vep

The Laramie Project

By Moises Kaufman and the Members of Tectonic Theater Project
Produced with Special Arrangement by Dramatist Play Services

Directed by Jennifer Thomas

A play based on the historical events of October 6, 1998 in Laramie Wyoming. One month after the incident the Tectonic Theater Project conducted over 200 interviews of the citizens of Laramie and out of these interviews, journal entries, and found texts, The Laramie Project was born. Hailed as one of the most captivating and encompassing pieces of contemporary theatre, the play shocks, challenges, and moves all who watch it as it reveals the lowest depths of hatred and greatest heights of compassion that lies with in all human beings in any seemingly average community.

The Cast

William Belvin
Brian Cebrian
Carly Murray
Carla Mutone
Connor Norton
Missy Sullivan
Steven Suskin
Ashley Zadel

Production Team

Director…..Jennifer Thomas
Assistant Director…..Zach Burgess
Production Manager…..Charity Robinson
Stage Manager…..Jason Kriner
Light Design…..John Foster
Sound Design…..Austin Wydrzynski
Costumes…..Jennifer Thomas, Pem Revill
Scenic Design…..Allen B. Wheaton
Props…..Sandy Brockman, Allen Wheaton, John Wilt, Jason Kriner
Set Construction…..John Wilt, Allen B. Wheaton, Jenniver Thomas, Jason Kriner, Scott Hayes, Jeffrey Corriveau, Elizabeth Adams, Zach Burgess
Backstage Crew…..Tonisha Belvin, Amy Lee
Light Crew…..John Foster, John Wilt, Jared Alexander, Scott Hayes, Jason Kriner, Jennifer Thomas
Light/Soundboard Operator…..Scott Hayes

Peninsula Community Theatre

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