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The Mystery of Irma Vep

October 4 - 22, 2017

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Irma Vep

The Mystery of Irma Vep

A Penny Dreadful by Charles Ludlam

Directed by Christopher Berhnardt

This definitive spoof of Mystery, Comedy and Gothic melodramas, recently revived Off-Broadway to raves, is a quick change marathon in which two actors play all the roles. Who or what is Irma Vep? A sympathetic werewolf, a vampire and an Egyptian princess brought to life when her tomb is opened make this a comedy that has everything.
"Far and away the funniest two hours on a New York stage... What more meaningful gift could Ludlam bequeath [audiences] than to leave them eternally laughing." - The New York Times

"Mystery of Irma Vep - A Penny Dreadful, The” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

The Cast

Matthew Allen
Chris Hogan

Production Team

Director …..Christopher Bernhardt
Assistant Director…..Nina Anne Martin
Set Design…..Jason Martens
Stage Manager…..Jenifer Wylie
Crew…..Lisa Bolen
Lighting Design…..Kathleen Veer
Sound Design…..Christopher Bernhardt
Costume Design…..Meg Murray
Photographer…..Mike Diana
Properties…..Christopher Bernhardt, Meg Murray
Set Construction…..John Wilt (Crew Chief), Ellen Eames, Jason Martens, Christopher Bernhardt, Kathleen Veer, Chris Grafton
Scenic Artist…..Jason Martens
Painters…..Ellen Eames, Suzanne Allen, Betsy Forrest, Pam Revill
Production Manager…..Jennifer Thomas

Peninsula Community Theatre

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