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Indoor / Outdoor

October 10-18, 2020 
Livestream Event

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Indoor / Outdoor

Livestream via Eventbrite October 10, 11, 17, 18, 2020

INDOOR/OUTDOOR by Kenny Finkle, a Reader's Theatre. In this unabashedly sentimental comedy, a cat named Samantha has just started living with a guy named Shuman who she believes is her true love. At first everything seems to be going great. Samantha can't get enough of Shuman, and she can't get enough of him. But soon Samantha realizes that Shuman doesn't always seem to understand her. Worse yet, Shuman doesn't always seem all that interested in trying to understand her. Things become truly problematic when one night Oscar, a sexy alley cat, shows up at the door. Suddenly Samantha begins to wonder whether she's an indoor or an outdoor cat. To make matters more complicated, a quirky aspiring cat therapist named Matilda inserts herself into the mix, thinking she can solve everyone's problems but only seems to make things worse. Eventually Samantha finds herself on a journey, both physical and emotional, that leads her to discover what having a home and being loved really mean to her. INDOOR/OUTDOOR is an allegory about the difficulties and joys of all manner of relationships.

Performed by special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing Inc.

Indoor/Outdoor Program

The show program was distributed via PCTLIVE.ORG.

The Cast

SAMANTHA…..Kathlin Gordon
SHUMAN…..Robert Stone
MATILDA (and others)…..Katy Feldl
Oscar (and others)…..Justin Giroux

Production Company

Director…..Linda Marley Smith
Production Manager…..Sandy Brockman
Stage Manager…..Sheri Beyrau
Lighting/Sound Design…..Tom McIlvain
Costumes…..Al Buchannan
Video Team…..Jeff Corriveau
John Wilt
Zach Erwin

Peninsula Community Theatre

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