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The Tribesman

Streaming on YouTube April 9 - 25, 2021

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The Tribesman

The Tribesman

Streaming on Youtube April 9 – April 25, 2021

by Terrance Afer-Anderson
Set in the fictional Holy Oak Penitentiary, The Tribesman is a spiritual warfare drama that explores topical themes reflective of the African-American experience. Serial killer Lee Jean suffers from multiple personalities. He believes the African tribal markings that he carves in the faces of his victims will protect his soul from evil spirits. He shares with psychologist Michael Archer, Ph.D. that all of his victims are his “tribe.” This play addresses diversity issues found in the culture and health care system of African Americans.

Produced by special arrangement with Terrance Afer-Anderson

The Cast

Lee…..Terrance Afer-Anderson
Michael…..Joel King
Sergeant Maynard…..Perrin Williams

The Production Team

Director…..Charity Robinson
Stage Manager…..Allison Stover
Production Manager/Props…..Sandy Brockman
Set Design…..John Wilt
Lighting Design…..Tom McIlvain
Video Production…..Eye Level Media Group
The Lemelle Group
Set Crew…..John Wilt
Jeff Corriveau
Tom McIlvain
Sandy Brockman
Ellen Eames

Peninsula Community Theatre

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