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December 4 - 20
Streaming via YouTube

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Streaming via YouTube December 4 - 20, 2020

WPCT on Air Program

This collection of 3 radio plays by Eric Coble can be related to by every theatre lover. This funny, witty and old-time approach to the Golden Age of Radio will make for a fun time. Join us as we bring you MUSICAL THEATRE GEEKS – Before there was “Glee” there was the game show where fanatical fans face off with such questions as “Who was the costume designer on the 1914 production of “Banjo Eyes”? Sudden Death features an Lloyd Weber song. “LOST” ON BALI HAI – A group of castaways including Nathan Detroit, Maria, Tevye, and Sweeney Todd find themselves on a mysterious island…who will eat who first…? PROMETHEUS AND THE GOD(FATHER)- A look at Greek Gods as the “Family” they really are, along with a couple of humans plopped on each with no means to cook a monkey.
Produced by Special Agreement with Eric Coble.

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The Cast

Musical Theatre Geeks
RUDMAN …..Justin Giroux
ALEX…..Mike Diana
STUART…..John Cauthen
WILOMENA…..Lauren Vollette
"Lost" on Bali Hai
RUDMAN …..Justin Giroux
NATHAN…..Paul Lawrence
TEVYE…..Mike Diana
SWEENEY…..John Cauthen
HIGGINS…..Stephen Maney
STUDENT PRINCE…..Justin Giroux
MIMI…..Lauren Vollette
DOLLY…..Katy Feldl
MARIA…..Laura Apelt Maney
BLOODY MARY…..Carla Mutone
Prometheus the God(father)
RUDMAN …..Justin Giroux
ZEUS…..John Cauthen
APOLLO…..Paul Lawrence
PROMETHEUS…..Stephen Maney
MAN…..Justin Giroux
WOMAN…..Carla Mutone
HERA…..Katy Feldl
SECRETARY…..Laura Apelt Maney

Production Team

DirectorMike Diana
Sound DesignMike Diana
Lighting DesignJohn Wilt
Sound/Video EditingMike Diana
Video OperationsMike Diana
John Wilt
Jeff Corriveau

Peninsula Community Theatre

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